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Hi beautiful people... come on down to our latest psychedelic folk experience... we're playing at the lovely Standard in Streatham again... this Saturday 26th March at 9.30pm... promises to be well groovy xx

Psychedelic Streatham!

What a fantastic gig on Saturday at the Standard in Streatham... it was an absolute knockout... our first time playing there... with new band member Josh on lead guitar... the audience was fantastic and danced all night... thanks to groovy Derek and the Redeemers and all our friends for coming down... really looking forward to playing there again in March... good vibes... we're getting some great rhythms going now with Josh and will playing some more gigs and festivals soon... watch this space x

Glasto magic

We had such a blast at Glasto last year... three knockout gigs... caught up with some old mates from Hawkwind... and saw the Dalai Lama... unbelievable!

The endless journey

When he drove slowly past us and said hello we felt a really warm glow... news spread around the fields like wildfire... people were running after him... and then the rain stopped!

My awesome band

A big thank you to Bruce on guitar, Pat on bass and Giovanni on Cajon, for rocking out so beautifully every night.... 'Iona Skye' was rockin' around the airwaves too... on Glasto's own Worthy FM radio.

Back to the future...

A lovely shot of Bruce catching up with Nik Turner from Hawkwind... fond memories of playing in the band together in the early seventies... and all those cosmic adventures!

Then they played a gig!

...a heartfelt tribute by Nik and friends to the late Andrew Kerr... the driving force of the first Glastonbury Festival... the man who made it all happen.

Do you like my new frock?

Making full use of the new mobile wardrobe facility... with hand held mirror to boot!

Our exceptionally handsome roadie Jonny

He transported us, fed us, woke us, nagged us, filmed us, plugged us in and kept an eye on us... all at the same time... phew!

Happy, happy happy and happy!
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