merry mccloud
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merry mccloud

Merry McCloud hails from Harrogate in Yorkshire.... she writes and sings timeless and beautiful music and has played a number of high profile gigs recently, including two successive years at the Glastonbury Festival.

Following a successful tour of the American South, with sell-out gigs at the Otherland in Memphis and the Kudos in Atlanta, she worked with the legendary producer Willie Mitchell at Royal Studios. She also remains one of the few female artists to have recorded with the late, great Malcolm McClaren.

merry mccloud

Her inspirational and thought provoking songs tell stories that take the listener on a mystical journey and keep her in the hearts of her fans.

Her dynamic stage performances have been compared to Grace Slick. She continues to innovate and is a tireless advocate of psychedelic folk music. Mixmag once said: "Her wonderful voice sounded like I’d just met an old friend."

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